How will Brexit impact my holiday?

TL;DR: probably not very much, despite all the noise in the press and from the government's lack of answers. But, it's now more important than ever to get travel insurance.

Our top Brexit predications and key things to consider:

Stuff that will remain the same

  • Passport-holders won’t need visas for the EU in 2019
  • Package holiday customers will continue to enjoy full protection (ATOL)

Stuff that will change

  • New: Passports must be valid for six months from arrival date
  • New: The European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) likely won’t be valid. ABTA recommends getting travel insurance as health care in the EU could no longer be free or low-cost as it is today
  • New: UK drivers in the EU will need an International Driving Permit, this is available from the Post Office for £5.50

Travel insurance can help protect you for:

  1. Medical expenses if something goes wrong
  2. Holiday cancellation costs - E.g. Your flight is cancelled and you no longer want to go on your holiday, but you've booked a hotel and some activities

Make sure your policy covers you for travel disruption, and also covers events similar to Brexit, many insurers won't do this. Always check or ask for this.

At Pluto you can add 'Extended travel disruption' as your Brexit protection.

We aim to provide cover that's simple and easy to understand, so you know what you're covered for. You can also build your own policy so you can see exactly what you're paying for. Feel free to shop around as well on price comparison sites, but don't be tempted to compare on price alone.



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